Some parts of my life aren’t goin’ so hot.

While other parts, are going swell!

Usually it’s all or nothing with that sort of thing, for me anyway.

And I’m grateful 

new york

Is magical.

I’ll never be grateful enough for the chance to live in Manhattan for as long as I have. 

pumping iron

I lift weights every Tuesday and Thursday with one of my gym bros.

I’m trying to get bigger, but it’s hard.

Going to buy protein powder and set some goals.
Side note: drinking at Bull McCabes right now 

flying to Minneapolis 

waiting at the airport

sippin’ a beer at Buffalo Wild Wings, terminal 4
I want to talk about the bugs in my apartment:

A couple of week after I moved in back in May of 2017, I found a dead water bug in front of my kitchen sink one day. 

I was so disgusted and annoyed by it’s corpse that I decided to walk go to my restaurant job and wait til I got back home to dispose of its body.

A couple of months later, shortly after my house warming party, I found and killed a centipede in my bathroom. This was, of course, before I knew that they are benevolent little creatures towards humans that kill other pesky insects. Centipedes also have a ridge in their mouths that they use to clean each individual little legs, one-by-one, after finishing its meal. If it is interrupted during the cleaning process, it will start all over again from the first leg. 

So cute.

Needless to say, I regret killing him.

I was worried I might have an insect problem but fortunately, I didn’t see any other bugs after that until recently.

I came home slightly drunk after work for the first time in a while.

I was leaning over my kitchen sink drinking a pint of water when I looked down and realized there was a massive spider in it. It was definitely the largest spider I have ever seen in a residential space. 

I hairsprayed it to death.

the whiskey tavern

Stopped in for a beer on my way home from Pennsylvania Station to Mulberry Manor. 

Just a bud heavy for the road.

I really wanted to stop somewhere for a drink just for the bar ambience. The only “bar” in Pennsylvania Station on the LIRR side is Tracks.

I think I’ve mentioned it before on here, but you really need to be in a specific mood to go to that place. And I wasn’t in that sort of mood.
So I took the Q train to Canal Street. 

Once I get off the subway, there are only two bars I pass (depending on which stop I get off at): Asiaroma and Whiskey Tavern.

Unfortunately, Asiaroma is closed on Sunday’s.

I didn’t feel too excited about Whiskey Tavern. I kind of wanted to go somewhere I could just sort of be anonymous, and it’s hard to be anonymous at a bar you frequent several times per week.

There is one Italian restaurant next to Whiskey Tavern called Forlini’s that has a full bar (seperate entrance from the restaurant) that I’ve been to a few times, including the night I moved into my apartment. 

But it’s a lousy bar all around. It’s wildly over priced and, although I usually like shitty dive bars, it’s a very depressing environment. It’s hard to put my finger on what it is about the place, but you wouldnt enjoy drinking there. Believe me. 

Anyway, I’m here at Whiskey Tavern enjoying my beer. They decorated for Christmas here. 

I spent all day today putting yp Christmas lights outside my parents house because the weather was so warm.

Whiskey Tavern decor, not my parents’ house

My 11th Time

Re-reading The Catcher in the Rye.

This is one of the most beautifully memorable autumns of my life.

Slowly putting together a playlist of songs that I fell in love with (or re-fell in love with) during this period of my life.

If my life had a soundtrack, this would be the current lineup (in this order):

Catch the Wind – Donovan

She’s a Rainbow – The Rolling Stoned

Afternoon Delight – Starland Vocal Band

Baby You Look Good to Me Tonight – John Denver

Don’t Stop Me Now – Queen

Purr purrrr

at forlinis 

Hanging out at the bar


Who actually comes here to drink?
Besides me

not sure what to say

Sometimes, there just isn’t much to say. 

Other times, it’s difficult to articulate what I want to say.

But this is one of those times when there isn’t anything that needs to be said, I suppose. 

I think everyone else said it all already, anyway. 

And that’s alright.

september heat wave

Sitting in Columbus Park at 6am 

Reading some Vonnegut

The sun peaking through the trees
The cicadas are purring loudly 

I know that, like me, they don’t want the summer to end

Despite the up’s and down’s, along with all the rain, it’s been one of the greatest summers of my life

the world forgetting, by the world forgot.